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MPTronic is a software company located in Paris, France, dedicated to building quality solutions in the medical field, with a focus on Radiology.

Through the years, MPTronic created several DICOM related solutions for Storage (PACS), Web Distribution, Importation, Printing, Viewing and Editing and has more than 2000 systems installed all over the world.

Since 2012, MPTronic has become a technology Leader in the radiation dose monitoring field with its new product RDM (Radiation Dose Monitor), launched with our partner Medsquare.
RDM is now deployed in several countries around the world.


Some of the DICOM Solutions we created over the last 10 years

Ez Dicom Archive

Ez Dicom Burning Station
Ez Dicom Web Remote Access
Ez Dicom Printer
Ez Dicom Print2PACS
Ez Dicom Converter

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RDM (Radiation Dose Monitor) is a DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) software solution that collects, controls and analyzes radiation doses delivered to patients during medical imaging examinations.

Compatible with all brands of medical imaging equipment, RDM is designed for all medical professionals responsible for the dose cycle: radiologists, technicians, heads of department, medical physicists etc.
RDM interfaces with both hospital and radiology information systems and fits seamlessly into the imaging network. And thanks to its Web-based architecture, multiple control screens can be used without multiplying the costs.

 At the very core of your department, RDM is an essential tool for
optimizing radiation dose and improving clinical practices.


RDM displays all information relating to patients, examinations and acquisitions in real-time and provides instant access to your patient's dose history.

The solution contains:
- An advanced alert system, based on national and local Diagnostic Reference Levels.
- A dedicated screen for tracking alerts and finding their causes.
- Functionality to specifically manage high-risk patients (pregnant women, radiation dermatitis, etc.).


RDM provides advanced statistical analysis of dose data:
- Tracks the course of doses delivered to patients over time.
- Displays the distribution of dose values according to the type of examination to identify examinations deviating from the reference values.
- Identifies all procedures and protocols that reveal anomalies and could be improved.
- Assesses the level of compliance of your practices.


RDM helps you optimize radiation dose and improve clinical practices:
- Identify and optimize your high-dose procedures, finding the right balance between image quality and dose.
- Real-time alert system, according to your Diagnostic Reference Levels, enables you to identify and correct protocols exceeding your DRL.
- Improve practices and avoid unnecessary dose from Day 1.

We launched RDM with our partner Medsquare in 2012. RDM is now deployed in several countries around the world.
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